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Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Treatment 

Apple Cider Vinegar For DandruffDandruff is a common affliction that many men and women suffer with, and there are lots of causes for the itchy and flaky skin that disturbs many a scalp on a daily basis.

While lots of people choose to use traditional methods of treating their dandruff by using specialty shampoos and tar-based remedies, these expensive cures often don’t have long-term advantages and don’t quell the underlying causes of dandruff in the first place.

Finding apple cider vinegar for dandruff treatment, also known as ACV, can help you learn how to manage your dandruff symptoms and issues without putting expensive chemicals on your scalp. Learning just how an apple cider vinegar cure for dandruff functions, you can feel more confident in your scalp, skin, and healthy hair generally.

What causes dandruff in the first place?

In order to deal with dandruff successfully, you should know what’s causing your issue in the first location. If your dandruff is accompanied by bleeding, severe itching, or an odor, then your dandruff is most likely due to an excessive amount of oil being produced on the scalp, and this can lead to bacteria buildup. This, then, leads to bloated skin that is flaky, dry, and very itchy.

Dandruff that is severe in nature is normally caused by a yeast-like fungus that’s ever-present in every person’s scalp but is present in abundance in certain people and you might be one of them. Allergies, stress, and other factors can make this fungus, known medically as Pityrosporum ovale, to flare up and cause the scaling, itchiness, and embarrassing skin sloughing that rosemary is so known for.

Contrary to popular belief, dandruff isn’t due to over-shampooing the hair or not drinking enough water. Instead, dandruff is caused by separate imbalances in the skin that should be treated so as to generate the dandruff stop. Using apple cider vinegar for dandruff can help you manage both your symptoms and the cause of the condition so you can lead a more normal lifestyle.

How apple cider vinegar works to treat dandruff

Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries for a variety of applications, from preserving foods to treating many medical maladies. Since ACV is a great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial aid, it is the ideal tool for not only treating the agony associated with dandruff but in treating the excess bacteria and yeast-like parasite which make dandruff reoccur as well.

Since apple cider vinegar does not contain harsh chemicals and specifically targets the cause of dandruff, many victims of dandruff find rapid and effective relief using ACV in their daily hygiene.

As you use an apple cider vinegar treatment for dandruff, you can see positive results within a few days to a week of usage, depending on how severe your symptoms are and how you’re using ACV to treat your itchy scalp. For the best results, you¬ should use an undiluted version of apple cider vinegar and avoid using non-organic varieties.

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