Detox Drinks For Drug Test

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The 4 Best Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Test And Maintaining Your Work

These Detox drinks For Drug Test article can help you flush cannabis entirely from your system.

Detox drinks for drug test

What Do investors, athletes, and Walmart workers have in common? So as to be one, you might need to pass a drug test. And the list does not end there. Even as cannabis makes strides towards legalization in countries such as Canada and the U.S., uptight executives everywhere make certain that drug testing remains a fixed portion of the employment procedure.

But Most individuals are just as likely to stop using cannabis as they are supposed to give up coffee, or beer and wine. So until the draconian legislation and company expectations around cannabis dissipate, your best choice is learning how to successfully pass a drug test. Luckily, with the ideal detox drink, it will not be too tricky.

There Is a range of detox drinks for a drug test, which may help you clear the THC out of your system. Below are a few of your best choices.

Detox Drink #1: Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

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We’ve Put Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse as the number one detox drink for a couple reasons: not only is Clear Choice the very best detox drink currently available, but it is not as disgusting as the other choices (such as drinking vinegar). Clear Choice comes in a number of sizes. If your weight over 200 pounds you will need to consume the 32oz version. Otherwise, for under 200 pounds weight be certain you take the 17oz bottle.

For Clear Choice to work, you should stop using cannabis at least 48 hours before drinking it. Additionally, be certain that your stomach is empty prior to consumption–this means that you ought to avoid eating for four hours prior to drinking Clear option. As soon as you’ve finished the jar, wash it with water, and drink that after 15 minutes.

And Pee. A Whole Lot. The objective of Clear Choice is to flush all the THC from your body through your urine.

Other So sit back, relax, and allow Clear Choice run its own magic.


Detox Drink #2: Lemon Juice

detox drink for drug test

Lemon Juice is often used as a detox drink due to its acidic properties. Lemon juice flushes out your system similar to how rubbing alcohol eliminates grease or dirt stains.

The purpose is to drink as much lemon juice as possible while keeping the ratio of one tablespoon of lemon juice to a 16oz glass of water. You should drink this concoction at least 7 or 8 times before your drug test, so I urge pre-preparing bottles of lemon juice so that you always have a bottle handy.


Detox Drink #3: Nuclear Meltdown.

This is among the more disgusting alternatives. But, like Buckley’s, it is going to work.

For Adding 1 teaspoon of honey is suggested to sweeten the taste, and make the experience slightly more pleasant. (Though realistically, you are not creating cocktails here–you are trying to flush THC out of your system.)

Mix Everything together in a big glass, hold your nose, and try to get the experience over with as fast as possible. Oh yeah, and you ought to eat this detox drink three or more times on the day of your drug test.

Detox Drink #4: Plenty of Water.

Sometimes, It’s better to keep things easy. Detoxification with water is the easiest way of all. The trick here is quantity and timing.

This Trick works especially good if you must take a drug test on extremely short notice. Then maintain all that urine until it is time to take your drug test. With any luck, a waterfall of H2O will take through your intestines and from your urinary tract and to the urine cup.

The Idea here is that your urine is pure water, and for that reason, will test negative for THC. The real challenge will be trying to not wet your pants in the procedure.

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