Finding Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection In Your Home (part 2/2)

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Dear Readers, continuing from the previous article, about Find Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection In Your Home (part 1/2), there are herbs you could find around your home;

11. Chewing Celery Seeds

This herb is very useful in removing bacteria and promoting the production of urine. You could consume two or three celery seeds by chewing its every day. Otherwise, you could create a kind of tea from celery seeds. Just put five celery seeds to a cup of boiling water and let it for five minutes. After that, take out the liquid and drink it. Consuming this herb as above once each day will give you the fast result. You also may add celery to your daily meals to get the best result.

12. Cucumber

One of many easy home remedies for bladder infection is the cucumber. This herb is very good in providing natural and fresh water to your body. The substances in this fruit are very easy to be absorbed by your body. For the remedy, just eat two to four cucumbers a day to reduce pain caused by a bladder infection. Eat this fruit frequently to improve your health.

13. Drink Ginger Tea

This herb is a very good natural remedy. It’s useful to prevent inflammation of bladders. For your remedy, just add ginger to your daily meals to encourage your digestion and remove bladder infection. Otherwise, make the ginger tea to drink every day as other option. This ginger not for remedy of your bladder infection only but may make your health will also be better.

How to consume is; Take one medium ginger or four small ginger roots and put them into a cup of boiling water. Then wait for 20 minutes. After that, you should drink the liquid when it is still hot. This natural herb also could make to strengthen your immune system if consumed every day.

14. Horseradish

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Horseradish is an antimicrobial herb, this herb is very beneficial in preventing bacteria. For a remedy, just take one teaspoon of horseradish powder to mix with one cup of milk or water. Then drink the mixture at least one time every day for a week. You will feel no pain or burn when you have urination. But stop using this remedy in case if you feel uncomfortable with your stomach.

15. Take Warm Bath

The simplest way as natural remedies for bladder infection is a bath with warm water in your bathroom. You just need a bath, which is suitable to your body’s size and full of warm water. Do it every day by staying in the bath for at five to seven minutes to ease the pain caused by a bladder infection. And you need to No add any further substance to your bath.

16. Using Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO could be used as a natural treatment for your bladder infection. To use it, just put one to two teaspoons of virgin coconut oil to your foods and eat them whenever you have bladder infection symptoms. For external use, You also could apply the VCO to your urethra entrance when you feel pain or burning in your bladder.

17. Garlic

The next herb is Garlic. To use it, simply just add to your daily meals every day. Garlic could improve Your immune system and you will be healthy enough to prevent bacteria to penetrate your body. Therefore, your bladder infection will be removed soon.

18. Frequent Urination

By frequent urination whenever your body wants. You will let your body act in a natural way. That is to prevent bacteria to grow in your bladder. You will reduce the bad effects of bladder infection before you remove it totally. So always remember, never hold your urine in your body for a too long time, otherwise, be frequent to urination.

19. Lemon & Tartar’s Combination

The combination of Lemon and tartar in the form of Cream will change the pH level in your bladder and create a harsh environment for bacteria. And will be removed from your urethra and bladder. For use take one teaspoon of tartar cream and one or two teaspoons of lemon juice or lime into a cup of warm water. Drink this mix once or twice a day for a week. Your bladder infection will be removed soon.

20. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important in preventing inflammation and bacteria. Because it is very good to strengthen your health and eliminate bad illness, especially bladder infections.
You can consume Vitamin C through green beans and vegetables as much as possible. Or by drinking juice containing vitamin C, such as lemon, lemon, mango, tomatoes, etc.

21. Heat Compress

Whenever it gets hot or burns in your urinary area, you can compress the lower area of your stomach with a towel that has been dipped in hot water. Put it there for 2 or 3 minutes, then remove it. This method is very effective to reduce the pain.

22. The Right Dress

Pants that are too tight can be one cause of bladder infections. Tight’s Cloth can put pressure on your bladder and make you feel sick and uncomfortable. And the humid conditions make your bottom condition more favorable to bacteria. Then use loose clothing, so that your body relax and can breathe. And the body has a looseness to release harmful bacteria.

23. Water

The last one is Water. Water plays an important role in the natural activity of our kidneys. In the case of a normal functioning kidney, the bladder will easily remove all urine. According to the advice of many doctors, you should drink at least one and a half liters of water a day. You can drink not only pure water but also juices from different types of fruits. And this can prevent burning in your bladder until it gradually disappears. Do not forget to avoid dangerous drinks such as alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks. Because these drinks actually contain a lot of carbon hydrates that actually put more pressure on the kidneys and urethra.

However, bladder infections can cause many difficulties and pain in your daily life. If you have abnormalities in the bladder for more than two days, you should come to the doctor. Natural Remedy for Bladder Infections is aimed at those who have recently experienced symptoms that indicate that you are infected with a bladder infection, or by a doctor, you have been infected with a bladder infection. However, this natural way is not the only thing that you should follow. It’s better if you combine the two, and always consult your doctor. Or you apply the above steps as a precaution, it will be more useful and safe.

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