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Self-made Herbs for Diabetes

Diabetics should pay attention to the daily diet by choosing brown rice instead of white rice, diabetes or diabetes is a disease caused by lack of insulin in the body, this is because the body is unable to take advantage of insulin. If not immediately treated diabetes cause signs such as weight loss. Other traits of this type of diabetes such as vision increasingly blurred, injuries that are difficult to cure, headache and itchy itching on the body.
If neglected the effect will be worse, this disease can cause the risk of complications so that the disease becomes quite long. For that cleansebyherb.com will give you some tips on making natural diabetes medicine from natural ingredients that you can make at home. Here are some herbs for diabetes you can take advantage of:

1. Treating Diabetes With Noni Fruit (Morinda)

herb for diabetes

Noni fruit contains many nutrients and compounds that are beneficial to the body, Proxeroni which is a substance that can form alkaloids that function to open the pore cells, so that nutrients will easily absorb into the body. This Ability is what makes Noni Fruit good enough to be used as for cure diabetes. The following is how to prepare Noni Fruit Juice

 Take 1 Noni fruit
 Blender or grated noni fruit
 After that squeeze and strain the results of Noni Juice and add with warm water
 Put water of Noni Fruit extract into the glass
 Drink and spend it all
 If you can not stand the taste and smell, you can also add a little honey

2. Treating Diabetes with Turmeric

Turmeric can be easily found around us. Therefore, turmeric can be used as the easiest natural diabetes remedy. Because it is no stranger to this one plant, then turmeric can be used as an alternative solution to treat diabetes or blood sugar. How to make it.
 take 1 turmeric rhizome and add with half a spoon of salt.
 Then boil in one liter of water until boiling water.
 Strain the cooking water and let it cool.
 Drink water turmeric juice enough with half a glass only.
 Drink regularly twice a week.
In this way, blood sugar levels of diabetics will be stable so as to prevent complications of other diseases.

3. Treating Diabetes with the Crown of  God Fruit (Phaleria macrocarpa)

Crown of god Herb for diabetes

As one of the Herbs for Diabetes, this herb is able to overcome diabetes. Even the popularity of the goddess crowns has recently gone up because of the benefits that are so important in the treatment of various diseases. Using the crown of god to cure diabetes is also not difficult. here’s how to use it
 Prepare 3 to 5 pieces of the crown of the god’s crown.
 After that add 3 bay leaves and wash thoroughly.
 Boil using water 3 cups and continue to boil to boil until the water only left half a glass.
 Drink the water crown god crown earlier every day for diabetes can be overcome.
This traditional medicine is powerful enough to treat diabetes and diabetes.
You can try how to make this natural diabetes remedy at home.

4. Treating diabetes with brotowali plants (Tinospora Crispa)

brotowali herb for diabetes

This is a medicinal plant that has been known for a long time. This leaves taste bitter and often made to mix herbs so it is very typical. Useful properties to overcome various diseases make it increasingly popular among the public. One of the benefits of this leaves is quite magical that can cure blood sugar disease. Prescription diabetes treatment with a brotowali plant is also very easy to make. How to use it
 Take the brotowali plant rods approximately the size of a finger or 10cm.
 Add one handful of papaya root and boil both of the natural ingredients.
 Boil until boiling and let to cool just drinking boiled water.

5. Treating diabetes with Peria (Momordica charantia)

peria herb for diabetes

Peria is a fruit that cultivates many cucumber species we encounter in the vegetable market, bitter-shaped pare with a bitter taste, pare is usually cooked in a way in stir-fry or in combination with other vegetables, behind the bitter taste of pare nutritious to lower levels of sugar in the body because contains a good cell that provides insulin in the pancreas. some studies show that pare can increase the absorption of glucose cells in our body and bitter melon can also be used to lower cholesterol. how to consume pare by making pare juice or make stir-fry pare.
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6. Basil leaves

Basil leaf is a natural plant that can overcome the problem of diabetes. Basil is a leaf commonly used as fresh vegetables and is usually eaten using chili sauce. And more delicious again, the basil is juxtaposed with the catfish would be very tempting taste. But beyond that, the benefits of basil leaves can also be used as a treatment of blood sugar disease. Basil leaves have a content that can help the process of insulin secretion in the body, so blood sugar levels will remain stable. You can consume it as usual and used as a raw vegetable to eat. Because basil is consumed in a raw state, then make sure the cleanliness is maintained.

7. Green Beans

green bean herb for diabetes

Green Beans also effective enough to become one of the herbs for diabetes, especially is for dry diabetes. This is because the content of B-sitosterol in Green beans can accelerate the production of insulin in the body, but still keep the insulin remains normal in the body. Green Beans is a diabetes drug that can reduce blood sugar if you can process it correctly. Here’s how to make a natural diabetes medicine from Green Beans:
 Prepare 1/2 Kg that has been washed clean
 Then bean on boiled using 2 glasses of water.
 After boiling lift the Green beans and put in a glass.
 Drink natural herbs morning and night before bed.
If you feel the hassle in this way, you can also eat it directly with raw conditions or can also make Green beans as juice, but do not add sugar.

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