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As a woman who is intimately familiar with the potty all the time? Always impressed with “What’s that smell”? Unknowingly Having a love-hate relationship with a toilet?

It may be a sign of UTI symptoms women or having a urinary tract infection or commonly referred to as UTI, a condition in which bacteria enter your urethra, urinary tract, or kidney, and have a full pain feast. However, there is no need to panic, because this is one of the most common infections that women experience and this disease is completely treatable.

An average of 20% of women will get UTIs in their lives, according to the National Kidney Foundation. And once you get it, it makes you more vulnerable to have it again in the future, with the possibility of 20 to 30 percent of women having recurrent infections, the Foundation explains.

UTIs can be cleaned with short-term antibiotics. But if you fail to start treatment in time this infection will spread to your kidneys. (And that means you’ll be dealing with a serious problem.)

So start putting down your phone and notice what happens when you urinate. Short-term antibiotics can mostly be used to clean UTIs as long as you are familiar with UTI symptoms women and catch the infection in time:

1. Your Pee Smells Like A Kitty Litter Box

One of the first obvious signs of urinary tract infections is that your Urine Aroma is like ammonia-the usual sharp chemicals for window cleaners and cat litter-word ob-gyn Sherry Ross, MD, women’s health specialist, and She-ology author. : The Definite Guide To Women Intimate Health. That’s because, UTI can cause blockage in the urinary tract, then make your natural ammonia levels rise.

Although Stinky pee can also be an indication of the side effects of many things, ranging from medical problems, such as other types of infections, to silly things, such as eating certain foods (asparagus, anyone?). However, to find out the underlying odor, contact your doctor, she says.

2. Urine looks like tea or Red Lemon

Another sign of UTI symptoms women is urine that is cloudy colored like tea or red lemon, this is because of bacteria or even blood mixed in urine. Healthy urine should look clear or light yellow.
So if you find signs like the above, and do not change in a few days, see your doctor immediately, to determine if you have UTI.

3. Feel like you have to urinate all the time

Feel like having to pee all the time but not really out even if you sit on the toilet after a few tens of minutes. These are signs of UTI. That’s because bacteria irritate the urethra and bladder. If you continue to experience something like that, but only one or two drops come out, it’s time to see your doctor.

4. Feelings Burned during urination

Other UTI symptoms women are a burning sensation or pain around the opening of your urethra when you urinate, Ross said. Even in some cases, it feels like your urethra is having seizures or cramps. Again, this can be caused by bacteria that irritate and burn your urethra.
Again, doctor diagnosis is very important to determine what kind of infection is in your urethra. So immediately consult a doctor if these symptoms you also experience.

5. You Have Cramps, But No PMS

Another next sign is stomach cramps and pain. Be careful, the ghost is fooled despite cramps and other pains for other reasons. Especially if the pain increases with time, sharp, and focused on the lower back, even with fever and of course if accompanied by symptoms such as previous numbers. It may also indicate an infection ascending to the kidneys. Serious complications that we hardly expect.

6. Missing Appetite, Nausea, and Vomiting

While UTI symptoms are less common in women, loss of appetite, nausea, and even vomiting can all affect women who are associated with urinary tract infections, especially if the infection is more severe or has spread to the kidneys, Ross said.

Of course, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting can also lead to other problems, but if you experience it with other signs of UTI as it burns when you urinate or constantly have to leave, there is a pretty good chance. You have a UTI.

7. Irritation in the groin especially when using tight pants, leggings or sweatpants

8. No symptoms at all as above.

In fact, sometimes many women do not experience symptoms of UTI as above but found himself exposed to UTI. That’s why it’s recommended.

A routine pelvic examination can help diagnose a urinary tract infection before they cause detectable problems, he said. Ideally, you should have one per year…


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